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10 tips for preparing a winning proposal

Posted 12/01/2017 in Business Development

We can help to create you a winning tender. but if you prefer to do this for yourself, here are some tips on how to create winning proposals and help you stand head and shoulders above the rest. Use the right medium. I’ve been on the receiving end of a couple of proposals that were […]

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Referral marketing

Does your business have a client referral marketing strategy?

Posted 24/11/2014 in Business, Business Development, Marketing

Establishing a sustainable client referral marketing strategy is one of my live projects right now and it’s really getting me thinking. I’ve recently read that the 80:20 rule applies to business and referrals. What I mean by this is that 80% of your sales are likely to come from referrals if you’re operating in a B2B environment. I’ve also stumbled over reference to […]

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Outsourced Marketing Services

Outsourced marketing – could it be right for your SME business?

Posted 10/11/2014 in Business Development, Marketing

Are you an SME business? Have you ever wondered if your business might benefit from an outsourced marketing solution? Here are a handful of reasons why it could make sense. Marketing expertise at less cost – Some SME businesses can’t justify recruiting a marketing manager. For these organisations, outsourcing is a great option. Your business can […]

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