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Marketing Consultancy and Management.

YH Training Services

We're very happy with the work that Sarah has been doing with YH Training Services over the past year. We've seen some big improvements and Sarah working closely with our Marketing Executive, to support, coach and mentor her development is especially effective.
Christine Dowey, YH Training Services

YH Training Services is a regional training provider with other 30 years of experience delivering apprenticeships, vocational training and workforce development solutions. Sarah has been working closely with the management team and marketing executive to review and improve their marketing since August 2017. Work to date has included:

  • Detailed audit of current situation, materials and future requirements
  • Road trip around learning centres to capture opinions and ideas
  • Development of a marketing strategy and action plan
  • Refreshed logo, stationery and business cards
  • Photo shoot to build a library of real-life photos of YH apprentices in the workplace for use in future marketing
  • Updated social media designs and profiles
  • Managing the development of a new website
  • Production of a suite of learner apprenticeship materials and a prospectus
  • Production of an employer brochure
  • Production of a brochure to promote YH's Military Preparation Courses
  • Working on implementing a new social media strategy for the business 
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