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Marketing Consultancy and Management.

The Retail Excellence Partnership

Working Insync has worked with us to develop a digital strategy to take us online and help promote The Retail Excellence Partnership and attract the interest of more large retailers. We’ve got big aspirations and I’m very happy that we’re all moving in the right direction and are now in a much better position to share what we do with a wider audience.
Elaine Alexander, Director, The Retail Excellence Partnership

We were approached by The Retail Excellence Partnership (RExP) in January 2015 to help them develop a digital marketing strategy and plan to promote their business and accelerate its growth. RExP specialises in developing people and organisations in the retail and service sectors. Previously they had done very little on the marketing front and they were especially keen to build their online presence and attract the interest of big retailers. We’ve since been working with the team to help them understand how they can better promote their business and make the most of every opportunity to engage the interest of potential new clients. Now a strategy is in place, moving forward we will be managing their blogging programme and social media efforts. For more information about the Retail Excellence Partnership, click here.