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Marketing Consultancy and Management.

Purple Dog

I'm so pleased with what you have done for Purple Dog and you were a pleasure to work with. We learnt a lot from the sessions we had together but they were also engaging and energising. Working together helped us think about things in different ways and we ended up with a plan of attack. We were left with lots of great ideas on what to do and how this would work within the team to move us forward.
Helen Ashcroft, Director

Sarah facilitated three sessions with the Purple Dog team to help them develop a plan for how they were going to promote and market their business moving forward. The sessions were lively and engaging, intended to inject energy and generate ideas into supporting the future direction of the business. Lots of questions were asked and answered, such as:

  • Who are their target markets and which products and services are to be sold to different people?
  • What are the priorities and is time and effort being focused on the right activities?
  • Who is Purple Dog competing with?
  • What are Purple Dog's strengths and what sets them apart? Does their messaging reflect this?
  • Where can improvements be made and how should they prioritise investment?
  • What meaningful targets can be set to measure progress against?.
At the end of the sessions Purple Dog had an sales and marketing plan with a clear understanding of where they were heading and priorities. Purple Dog are First Aid and Heath & Safety Training experts and specialists based in Huddersfield. They deliver courses and training throughout Yorkshire. Please click Purple Dog for more information.