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Marketing Management Services

Apprentice Employment Agency

Working Insync understands the world of apprenticeships and work-based learning, which is invaluable to us. It means that they have been able to offer insight and support over and beyond the traditional marketing services. We’ve worked on some great projects, the latest being our new website which we’re so looking forward to sharing!
Jacqueline Lovewell, Head of Apprentice Employment Agency

We provided an outsourced marketing management service to the Apprentice Employment Agency, helping them to raise awareness of their unique apprenticeship solution with employers across the UK. The agency team is based in Hull and is a recognised Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA). Below are some of the services we have provided this client with:
    • Website management
    • Social media management
    • Graphic design services
    • Marketing materials
    • PR, case studies and copywriting
    • Merchandise
    • Proposal writing
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