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Elevator Pitch Perfect: How to Make a Good Impression – Fast!

by Sarah Holbrook on 27/01/2016 in Business Development

Elevator Pitch

An “elevator pitch” gets its name from the idea that you should be able to deliver a pitch that lasts no longer than a ride in an elevator. The perfect pitch should leave people wanting to know more and interested in sparking up a further conversation. It is brief and to the point; a few words that communicate what you do in a punchy and memorable way.

Here are a few tips on how to create and deliver your elevator pitch:

Be prepared – If you bump into someone and they ask what you do, be ready to make the most of this opportunity.

Pulling together your elevator pitch – Firstly, describe what your business does. What problems do you solve and how do you help? If you can offer some statistic to demonstrate the value you add, even better! Once you’ve explained what you do, you need to tell people what makes your business different and unique?

Ask a question – It’s a good idea to end by asking an open question that will invite a conversation aand engage with your audience at the end of your elevator pitch.

Be passionate and excited – If you don’t feel excited by what you’re saying, your audience is unlikely to. People remember enthusiasm – even if they don’t remember all of the words you say!

Run through and edit – Once you’ve thought things through, read it out loud whilst timing it. A pitch should last no more than a minute, so as to retain interest. When you’re going through your pitch, cut out the bits that are not absolutely necessary. Make it punchy.

Practice makes perfect – Make sure you take the time to run through your pitch over and over. As you do this then it will start to flow more naturally. It’s so important that you feel comfortable and relaxed when delivering your elevator pitch.

Remember body language – Body language is a non-verbal form of communication which adds another layer to your communication. Think about this. Be open, approachable and confident…and smile!

Giveaway – Is there something that you would like to give people? As a minimum it is likely you would like to share your business card as a means of getting in touch.

Ask for feedback – It’s good to get as much feedback as possible as this will help you to fine tune your pitch.

Stick at it: It can take a while to pull together the perfect elevator pitch and you may well work through several versions before you find the one that strikes the right chord and sounds natural to say. Keep at it!


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